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deep into your S E A V E R S E chorus.

swim in waters deep.

lexi ♔ tina
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D I R T Y   Q U E E N S   ♥    
welcome to seaverse (previously named lumierezione), a graphics community run by two sexy ladies with the aims of providing quality icons, banners and everything in-between for the masses of livejournal. please follow the following guidelines before snagging anything posted in the community: 1. credit where credit is due. 2. no claiming of icons. 3. textless icons are not bases. 4. no redistributing. lastly, this community is not members only, so a simple watch will suffice. additionally, this graphics community makes icons and such of many fandoms in the animanga, videogame, movie, and stock kingdom. we are all also, variation whores, and we looooooooove them balls colourings. so come on, stick around. you never know what we might have up our sleeves next, for you. ♥

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